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Category: DIY and tools
Brand: Abus
Description: The ABUS Key Garage | 707 has a sturdy aluminium housing that protectsstores up to 7 keys 4 key cards or smaller objects Secured via a 4-digit code set using adjustment wheels This code can be shared with individuals or groups giving them access to the stored items If needed the code can easily be changed There is also a protective cover that protects the wheels from the elements ideal if the Key Garage | is mounted externally The ABUS Key Garage | 707 is wall mountable and is supplied with a self-adhesive key hook that can be mounted inside the safe allowing you to hold individual keys in place Specification Exterior Housing Dimensions 88 x 129 x 39mm
Delivery cost: 3.99
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Price: £14.99
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Abus Diy And Tools 1 to 1 of 1