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Brand: First Alert

Description: Our First Alert fire blanket is suitable for smaller kitchens suitable for fighting fires in waste paper bins chip pans and on clothing Every domestic kitchen should have a fire blanket for small fires and to be used in the event of a fire as a shield protective cloak when evacuating Key Features Ready for wall mounting using a screw not provided Supplied with tamper seal Wipe clean plastic container Blanket size 1m x 1m Suitable for fires involving less than 3 litres of fatoil Fitted with rubber handles to aid user control 1 year manufacturers guarantee Data Sheet httpswwwfirstalert-onlinecouktemplates_safelincsfilesdatasheets3241_ First20 Alert20 Fire20 Blanket20 Datasheetpdf

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First Alert Diy And Tools 1 to 1 of 1