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Brand: Jigtech

Description: Jigtech Vecta Privacy Latch Handle Door Pack Satin Chrome Developed by designers at Dale Hardware, Jigtech is bound to continue innovating the door handle and latch fitting markets in the UK, after the Dale brand has already been leading previous innovations in the door hardware sector for over 25 years. Jigtech was designed to reduce installation time down to 5 minutes from an industry average of 25 minutes, saving both money and time for contractors and fitters alike. The Vecta Privacy Latch Handle Door Pack is a sleek and easy to install entry into Jigtech's Contract Value Lever Range, and comes with a cool satin chrome finish. Manufactured using only high-quality materials, this product compliments any modern and contemporary aesthetic. This is part of Jigtech's unprecedented smart system that is designed to increase efficiency and decrease costs in money and time. This latch handle comes with Push Button Privacy accessories that allows for more privacy and peace of mind when needed. Product specifications: For use as part of Jigtech system Suitable door thickness: 35 - 44mm (54mm fixing packs available) Jigtech Tubular Latches & Accessories needed for installation Spindle cutting not needed Standard bolt through fitting Additional information: Comes factory-assembled for quick installation Chrome finish Factory-assembled for quick fitting Wood screws not needed Estimated fitting time under 5 minutes compared to 25-minute industry standard Additional Jigtech Tubular Latches & Accessories for Push Button Privacy function 1 Year Finish Warranty 5 Year Mechanical Warranty

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Jigtech Diy And Tools 1 to 1 of 1