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Canopia By Palram Diy

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Category: Diy

Brand: Canopia By Palram

Description: The 2 Level adjustable Steel Work Bench is the perfect shelving system for organising your greenhouse space. It provides you with a potting working area with a storage shelf below. It can also work at your shed, garage, garden etc. The two shelves provide ample storage and workspace and allow for heavy weight load. Lower shelf's height can be adjusted to meets your gardening needs. It is maintenance free and one of its main advantages is its dual use top shelf; as an everyday gardening tasks shelf or if positioned upside-down as a soil tray. This bench is made from durable galvanised steel, it is portable & easy to assemble, and it can be moved anywhere at your convenience.

Delivery cost: 6.00

RRP: 60.00

EAN: 7290010027781

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Canopia By Palram Diy 1 to 1 of 1