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  • Wilkinson Sword Reinforced Rigger Gloves

    Price: £3.95

    Brand: Wilkinson Sword


    Description: These reinforced rigger gloves have tough suede leather protection around the palms and fingertips, with a safety cuff surrounding the wrists. The backs are ventilated for heat dissapation during active use. Ideal for handling rough materials and for heavy duty garden use, e.g when working amongst thorny plants. Features & Benefits ● Suede palms and reinforced safety cuffs around the wrist ● Ventilated back for comfort and dexterity ● Durable construction ● Protects the hands against rough materials, thorny plants, stony ground etc Specifications ● Colour: Grey /Green ● Size: L. Wilkinson Sword Reinforced Rigger Gloves - shop the best deal online on diy-compared.co.uk

    Category: Clothing Accessories

    Delivery cost: 4.95

    Colour: Grey / Green

    EAN: 5050581003865

    RRP: 4.99

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